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In recent years, we’ve expanded our Commercial Insurance product offerings, and we’re continuing to develop new products and additional coverages for you. By offering a complete line of commercial property and casualty products for the small or midsize business, we have become recognized as a leading regional provider of Commercial Insurance.

Workers' compensation may help provide wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of work. Nobody expects to be injured while on the job. We can help educate employers and create a plan to help manage the risk of injury through safe work practices and proper training. Unfortunately, accidents are rather unavoidable. If you have one or more employees, you may be required to carry a Workers' Compensation Policy. We have decades of experience guiding small and large companies while mitigating their exposure to potential perils.

Common Workers' Compensation Claims:

  • Overexertion
  • Auto Accidents
  • Trips & Falls

Whitaker-LaChance works with our clients to offer tailored solutions to give them peace of mind about protecting their companies against loss or liability. We understand the importance of evaluating each business independently to develop the most effective insurance and risk management program.


The Risk Management Group was formed to assist clients in managing their Total Cost of Risk.

We assist clients in determining the best program design and explore the entire gambit of financing options. In addition, we assist clients in applying the most effective best practices in pre and post loss activities. By doing so, our clients impact the single largest part of their program – losses.

Whether our clients are exclusive to Michigan or elsewhere in the world, our team of professionals is ready and able to assist in the design, placement, support and administration of the most efficient and economically beneficial program for their organization. Let us analyze your risk management program.

Some of the areas of expertise within the Risk Management Group include:

Loss sensitive programs (deductible or self insured)
Alternative risk financing: Captives & Group Purchase
Claim and collateral trending analysis
International insurance programs
Quantitative Risk Assessments


Our goal is to achieve long-term relationships with clients focused on bringing value to their risk management and insurance programs. We identify the activities that drive claim frequency and severity, and implement an action plan to contain losses. We also identify training needs and provide on-site assistance to actively address loss sources and promote a safe work environment for our client’s employees. We work closely with our clients to reduce the Total Cost of Risk, while increasing safety and awareness.

Securing the best insurance program for our client’s business begins with planning. Analyzing all risks is critical to the successful implementation of a property and casualty insurance program, while conversations with employees, managers, and vendors will uncover areas that need additional attention. We partner with our clients by providing ongoing assistance, consultation, and service that helps control insurance expenses and promotes workplace safety.

Ways we add value to our clients:

Loss Prevention Consulting – helping you avoid claims from occurring

Workplace Assessment, Ergonomic Risk Assessments and Solutions
Loss and Trend Analysis
Risk Control Assessment
Employee Safety Manuals, OSHA Regulation Mock OSHA Inspection, OSHA Compliance Training and Updates, Executive Summary Reports
Training and Education, Loss Prevention, Compliance Program Administration, Fleet Safety, DOT Regulatory Compliance, Audit Security Consulting, Fire Protection Consulting, Emergency Preparedness Training

Claim Consulting Services – when claims do occur, we help our clients achieve the most favorable outcome.

Client Advocacy with Insurance Carriers
Claim Reviews
Open and Closed File Audits
Program Evaluation and Implementation
Service Provider Assessment, Liaison, Facilitation
Reserve Audits
Train Internal staff on loss and claims management
Presentation of topical information related to safety and loss prevention
Facilitate selection and management of Claim Service Provider (TPA)


We are a member of the Globex Network, which gives Whitaker-LaChance international capabilities and access to partner agencies in over 200 countries worldwide. We have full capabilities for placement, advisory and other risk management services.

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Professional liability insurance is especially important for businesses involved with consulting or servicing clients for whom incorrect advice or a failure to perform professional services could lead to a lawsuit. Even if you have not made a devastating mistake, you can potentially be sued. A general professional liability insurance policy could cover legal fees as well as protect you and your business from potentially crippling costs. Let our years of experience at the Whitaker-LaChance Agency guide you and your company in the right direction.

Business Auto Coverage is the most commonly used coverage for providing business auto liability insurance. Autos include cars, trucks, trailers, vans or other vehicles designed for use on public roads. Whatever vehicles you might be using for your business may be able to be covered from damage or loss.

Each vehicle you use in your business can be separately listed on your policy along with corresponding coverages. You can choose different coverage for your various vehicles, depending on the vehicle’s characteristics and the coverage you need or want for it. The obvious way to keep your premiums down is to avoid accidents. Safe driving practices should be emphasized as well as keeping all vehicles properly maintained.

Inland marine insurance covers products, materials and equipment when transported including while being temporarily warehoused. Collisions and theft are the two most frequent causes of inland marine losses. If your business frequently ships products or equipment, you should consider inland marine insurance. This type of coverage is especially important if you ship high-value products or materials, which may be excluded from your basic property coverage. Inland marine insurance may cover your technology, building materials and even construction equipment. Lets us assist you with our decades of experience guiding small and large companies while mitigating their exposure to potential perils.

The mission of Whitaker-LaChance is to turn your insurance expense into an operations asset. We accomplish this through a disciplined process designed to:

* Identify the risks and exposures your organization faces
* Measure the costs and evaluate your tolerance for risk
* Design a unique strategy matching your exposure and tolerance for risk
* Implement a customized program and continuously gauge the success


The best way to help manage your total cost of risk is to explore all the risk financing options available to you. We analyze the “big picture” to help you determine which plan is the best fit for your situation. It’s not just providing you with insurance coverage – it’s designing an efficient, economical financial strategy for your business.


Helping you understand your risk is just the beginning of our relationship with you. We assist in managing and controlling that risk. We assess your organization and develop action plans that will help minimize and manage losses. We also provide ongoing assistance, consultation and service to help control insurance expenses and promote workplace safety.

Stewardship – proactive review and measurement of your program to ensure we are managing the cost drivers
Brokerage – assess and leverage with markets to effectively transfer risk
Claims Advocacy – when a claim does occur, we effectively manage and advocate on your behalf
Loss Control – help you control losses before they occur – the best long- term way to control costs


Our experienced team of professionals is ready to help you manage both traditional and non-traditional exposures. In addition to cutting-edge coverage knowledge, we maintain national and international market relationships that enable us to execute the most comprehensive and cost-effective program designs. Whitaker-LaChance remains unmatched in the way we utilize our resources to effectively protect our client’s most valuable assets.

Whitaker-LaChance has a dedicated Surety department for a seamless delivery to our clients. Whitaker-LaChance has some of the best talent in the Midwest and does more than just place your bonds. Our team of Surety professionals is well versed in Surety Risk Management and is able to provide a wide range of services including:

Transactional Services
Issue bid and performance bonds. Review bond form language. RFQ/RFP review and analysis. Contract/subcontract review and analysis.

Surety Risk Profile Analysis
Profile current Surety Marketplace against competitors based on business plan, book diversification, financial compliance requirements, management continuity, A.M. Best Rating, T-Listing and price.

Surety Credit Facility Analysis
Pricing analysis. Indemnity analysis. Credit capacity vs. client business model.

Consulting Services
Balance sheet and income statement analysis and benchmarking. Work-in-progress analysis and monitoring. Cash flow analysis. Financial presentation content analysis. Continuity analysis. Planning sessions prior to Surety Company meetings. Credit maximization action plan.

Improved Terms & Conditions
Establishing strong relationships with industry-leading sureties affords clients access to more favorable terms and conditions.

Whitaker-LaChance grows with the client’s business. We can develop increased capacity to support expanded work programs, acquisitions and the overall growth of company.

Personal Service
Whitaker-LaChance will continually work to improve and develop the programs of its existing accounts, understanding the needs of clients, and building on established long-term relationships.

Cutting-Edge Operational Software
SurePath software specifically developed and updated to produce surety bonds. Whitaker-LaChance has the ability to handle complex accounts, even clients that may require several thousand bonds in place while managing hundreds of different bond forms.

Industry Presence
Whitaker-LaChance maintains membership and actively participates in numerous industry-specific professional associations.